• L to R: Singer and performer Michelle Walter, singer and performer Tsilala Brock with Migguel Anggelo (Photo by Pavel Korbut)

  • L to R: The Immigrants: Drummer Jake Goldbas, guitarist Tim Basom, Migguel Anggelo, percussionist Ivan Llanes, pianist and Musical Director Mau Quiros, and bassist James Quinlan (Photo by Olga Akimicheva)

  • Migguel Anggelo (Photo by Pavel Korbut)

  • L to R: Singer and performer Tsilala Brock, Migguel Anggelo, singer and performer Michelle Walter, with drummer Jake Goldbas and guitarist Tim Basom (Photo by David Adrako)

November 18, 2016

Migguel Anggelo & the Immigrants

Another Son of Venezuela

Culture Lab Detroit presented Migguel Anggelo's acclaimed show "Another Son of Venezuela" at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) as part of the museum's Friday Night Live! concert series. Anggelo, the Brooklyn-based, Venezuelan-born dynamo, was joined by his virtuosic band The Immigrants to create a kaleidoscope of vocal theatrics and poetic storytelling that is both hilarious and touching.

Developed with and directed by Obie Award winner David Drake and musical director Mau Quiros, "Another Son of Venezuela" explores the very personal immigration themes of love, loss, family and national pride, as well as the challenges of claiming an authentic identity in the United States. By combining Latin, pop and folk music classics with his and Quiros' original compositions, Anggelo forges a new music-theater experience in an increasingly bilingual world.

This performance was part of Culture Lab Detroit's Fall 2016 program which engaged with internationally reputed artists, architects, and theorists to explore the concept of Walls – reconsidering the theoretical, historical or speculative structures that define our lives. Migguel Anggelo's work employs the language of theatre and the poetics of musical storytelling to contend with the complexities of the immigrant experience, dismantling the conventions of navigating divergent worlds by showing us how we're all connected.